Friday, August 10

Start the presses! Or stop them, even. This site has moved! It is now located HERE.

Wednesday, March 7

Neil DeGrasse Tyson responds to the question: what is the most astounding fact about the universe?

Tuesday, February 7

I'm sure 18-year-old Josh loved this. Wherever he is.

Via Videogum.

Monday, January 23

The Days of Yore

Every Monday for almost two years now, The Days of Yore has posted a new interview. What started on a whim with Astri is actually a thing now! A real living thing. Sometimes I forget. Following through on ideas is good sometimes. Amidst all the stupider thoughts, some are actually worthwhile. Some.

Anyway, today a guest contributor posted an awesome talk with one of my favorite writers, Mary Karr. Have you read her books? You ought to. They are wonderful, fast, and crazy. Here's an excerpt from the DoY interview:

"My battles as a writer are battles with that part of myself that thinks I’m supposed to sound like T.S. Eliot when I grew up in East Texas. I wanted to sound lofty and British and to say ‘indeed’. That’s not how I am. The best thing about me is that I’m warm. The book should be that way, too, right? That’s something I can do better. I can do warm better than Don DeLillo. That’s not what he does. He does another thing.

There’s another Hemingway line about bullfighting. He interviews a famous bullfighter, and he says, “What exercises do you do for strength?” The bullfighter says, “The bull weighs two tons. Am I going to be stronger than the bull?” You’ve got to figure out what you have to fight with, what you bring to the party, and try to compete in that arena. Not in the arena that perhaps seems fashionable at the time, or perhaps seems enviable in other people, but the arena that’s really, as Faulkner says, your postage stamp of reality."

Tuesday, January 17